(Spoilers!) Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse Review

I bought Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse (SMT4A from here on out) on launch day and finally beat the game yesterday. I’ve had a lot of thoughts I wanted to share on the game, some bad, some good. This review will probably contain story spoilers for both SMT4A and it’s prequel, SMT4, so be warned!

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The Lost Village is Hot Garbage (Spoilers Inside)

0c7a446d4b906b325acf65f78cbe4bd41459543054_fullThe Lost Village (AKA Mayoiga) just wrapped up, and I for one couldn’t be happier that it’s over. This show was like watching a flaming pile of tires slowly burn.

The show has a decent premise: 30ish people come together on a bus tour to start a new life in Nanaki village. Everyone has some sort of baggage and their own reasons for wanting to leave everything behind. Things aren’t exactly what they seem, as some kind of monster inhabits the area around Nanaki village.

There’s so much that is wrong with this show, however. For example: All of the characters save for probably 3 people are absolutely unlikable. Everyone argues with each other all the time,  but nothing ever comes of it; they just go off and do their own thing anyway. The protagonist is a cut and paste MC who is weak and pathetic, but also really wants to protect a girl he meets. You’ve seen this dude a thousand times already in better shows. His co-star, if you will, is a wooden plank of a girl who seems to have all the secrets and is too timid or weak or whatever to share them. She’s literally “Protect that smile” in character form, kind of like Manaka from Nagi no Asukara, only with nothing actually going for her.

This show feels like it was inspired by Lost, but instead of taking writing cues from it, they took a couple ideas from lost and threw it in a blender with an old raggedy teddy bear and called it a day. “Lost” didn’t end well, but at least the characters were fantastic. The Lost Village decided to just cut to the chase and leave behind the part where you have interesting characters bouncing off each other.

Now, there are people out there that think of this as some kind of comedy, that it was intentionally bad because it would be hilarious. I don’t subscribe to that myself, if only because I can’t find any real evidence to that outside of laughing at how bad the show is. I’m not convinced that this show got funding based on that idea. If you look at my first few posts on this blog, they’re not great, but I didn’t write them badly because I was trying to make you laugh, I wrote them badly because I wasn’t as good at writing as I am now (at least I think I got better >_>;;).


Valkana: A man who sounds like a bear in heat all the fucking time.

If you’re still not convinced that this shit was a trainwreck, just try watching the first few episodes. Watch as everyone introduces themselves in this chaotic mass of dialog, with weird ass names like Lovepon and Soy Latte and Valkana. Watch as a bunch of entitled shit heads ignore the warnings of the bus driver (and yell at him!) when he says that maybe driving on a bad road while it’s foggy is unsafe and they should either turn back or wait out the fog (I don’t remember which).

There are parts of this show that are decent, like character backstories (some of them, anyway). The MC’s back story is the highlight of this tire fire, and the idea behind the monster isn’t too bad either, it’s just that the cast is so fucking awful it’s hard to care about. When the cast goes Lord of the Flies on Masaki (wooden plank girl), I couldn’t give a hot shit because I wasn’t invested one way or the other. Watching a bunch of one note characters arguing about whether or not to cut/kill/burn a fellow one note character didn’t interest me in the slightest. It was like listening to a bunch of feral cats killing each other in the back of an ally, you just want to get out of there as fast as possible.

And you know what the bitch of it all is? I watched this show start to finish. I could have pulled back and left, or watched better shows (or even slightly better, like Big Order), but I instead chose to leave good shit like Space Patrol Luluco and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 behind in order to watch this flaming bag of shit. I have no one else to blame but myself…and maybe Mari Okada for writing this show. What happened, Okada? I loved Selector Infected Wixoss and Hanasaku Iroha! You have so much under your belt and now put this on the table? I’m hurt, Okada. Okay? Wounded, even.

Final Score: Fuck This/10. 2/10 if I was being objective.


Sleepless Night Ramblings

Fun story: I can’t seem to fall asleep despite my best efforts, and I feel compelled to put something up in my “awake-but-at-what-cost” state.

E3 is under way right now and I feel weirdly detached. Sure, Persona 5 and the new Legend of Zelda stuff was super exciting to me, and whatever the hell Kojima’s new Norman Reedus simulator is about has my attention, but as someone who really couldn’t give a damn about Ubisoft and EA, there hasn’t been too much that had me flipping my shit like I normally would, and as someone who doesn’t really like Fallout Four, Bethesda’s showing didn’t do much for me either, tho Skyrim HD or whatever had my interest. 

Part of it is the fact that I’ve been working during the presentations, but I wonder if there’s some part of me that’s become…jaded? I don’t have a PS4 or an Xbox One, so my ability to get excited about games like Last Guardian or Dead Rising 4 is a bit blunted. On top of that, working part time at minimum wage means that part of me doesn’t want to get excited about future purchases when I can barely afford rent and food. 

Maybe I’m overthinking everything again. It’s almost six o’clock in the morning and I still can’t sleep, so it’s very possible that’s the case. We’ll see what today’s presentations bring. Who knows maybe Nintendo will be like “oh btw, we’re releasing Mother 3 over in the west, so BAM!” and then mic drop.

Okay, that’s probably not going to happen, but I can dream, can’t I?

Happy Fourth Birthday, Couch Fort!

Heya folks. It’s been a long time.

mpc-hc 2016-06-12 14-09-17-692This little anime blog of mine turned 4 years old today. It’s a place I haven’t given much thought to in the last…5 months or so for various reasons, but not because I stopped watching anime.

Back in January, I launched another blog called Fugue Photos, a WordPress blog where I would put captions on photos I took. It was a fun side project that lasted a few months before I eventually gave up on it due to feeling like the whole thing was stagnating, not to mention the fact that occasionally I would update with something super depressing, which I don’t like doing.

But stagnation is the thing I really stopped Fugue Photos for, and that’s the big reason I stopped doing this blog. I felt like I had nothing interesting to say. I became very insecure with my own writing voice and opinions, so that and my growing anxiety and depression around that time, I unofficially called it quits once I got into the swing of doing Fugue Photos.

The question I keep asking myself is: “Why do people care what I think? What kind of egotistical asshat do I have to be to assume people give a shit about what I think?”


“Time Travel? I mean, who gives a shit?”

Well, I think I finally figured it out, or at least came to a conclusion that I am cool with: What kind of asshole would ever ask that to someone who WANTS to do this? Imagine if someone told Hideaki Anno that no one gave a shit about his self loathing or what he thinks anime should or could be? What if Gen Urobuchi just suddenly stopped one day and said: “Ya know, this whole writing thing is just SO egotistical. Why bother?”

It would suck. It DOES suck. There’s no feeling worse than feeling like your ideas and wants are pointless, that they’re not worth putting out there. I’ve dealt with those feelings for a long time, online and off, and it’s just the worst place to sit in.

“Who cares about my thoughts about (insert season of anime)?” “Who cares about what I have to say about some anime I watched with my roommate?”

Me! I care! I give a shit, God dammit! I care about the stuff I’m into, and I want to talk about it! If no one wants to read it, that’s too bad, but I’m going to keep doing it because I like to write and talk about the shit that I care about.

I want to talk about Mayoiga and how much of a fucking trainwreck it is. I want to talk about how people seem to confuse inspiration with “ripping off” ideas. I want to bitch about shit I don’t like in anime, the trite nonsense that somehow keeps getting permeated in both the culture around anime and the subject manner itself. I want to talk about how I think School Days is legit one of the better shows I’ve seen, despite the usual hatred the show gets.


So that’s my present to this blogs 4th birthday. I promise to get back in here and start putting my nose to the grindstone. I have a few ideas that may or may not come to fruition for this blog, but we’ll see what happens.

Until next time folks.

A modest collection


I don’t believe I’ve ever shown off my anime collection before, so I think I’ll take the chance to do so now. One reason is because I’ve always had a bad way of displaying it, and the above picture is living proof! Stoney basement is not the most flattering scenery, so hopefully you’ll understand!

I have a pretty small collection of anime…physically anyway. I almost miss having to buy anime to watch it if only because I miss having a big collection. Of course, I wouldn’t trade what we’ve got now for that old model; I can’t imagine how improbable it’d be for me to watch this stuff if I had to physically buy it.

It’s difficult to say what the crown jewel here. My gut tells me that Madoka Magicka The Movie 3: Rebellion is the winner, but I spent $80 bucks on that and maybe I’m a bit biased. Patlabor The Movie 2 could have taken top spot had the DVD quality been more than a vhs transfer; I only got it for the dub (I don’t know why but I absolutely love the old Manga Entertainment dub). Fate/Stay Night TV and the Studio DEEN Unlimited Blade Works movie are not contenders (tho I’ll say this about DEEN’s UBW movie, the music is superior to UFOtable’s attempt, and the Beserker fight in the beginning was much better imo).

I’ll probably have to admit that the old ADV DVD release of Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably the winner. It’s in pretty good shape and I managed to get it dirt cheap! Everything else is either incomplete or a unfortunate bootleg (as I suspect the case is with my trigun DVDs).

That’s all for today folks. The winter season has begun already, so lemme know what you’re picking up! I don’t have my list in front of me, but I know for sure I’ll be picking up KyoAni’s latest offering and Haruchika for sure, along with the second cour of Gate and reluctantly Phantasy Star Online 2 the Animation, though I’m already sure it’s going to be a stinker.

EDIT: The collection is as follows, from left to right: Neon Genesis Evangelion (AD Vision Boxset), End of Evangelion, Rebuild of Evangelion 1&2, Madoka Magica BD 3, Madoka Magica The Movie 3: Rebellion, Steins;Gate, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Studio DEEN movie), Fate/Stay Night TV (Studio DEEN ver.), Cowboy Bebop DVDs 3-6, Oh! My Goddess! DVD 1, Patlabor The Movie 2, and Trigun DVD box set.

Brief Summer Anime Report

I uh, kind of missed my shot at doing a timely summer anime report didn’t I? Well, thems the breaks I suppose.

I’m still gonna do it though.

Here’s my ranking of the shows I watched/kept up on this summer. Mind you that I only watched three shows, but I wasn’t in a good place at all while this season was going on and I only really had it in me to watch these few shows.

AOTS: Gakkou Gurashi

mpc-hc 2015-10-26 13-02-28-852Anime of the Season was easily Gakkou Gurashi (School Live), a fun show that completely flips the script by the end of the first episode. The best way to watch this show is to go in blind and try to avoid any and all promotional material for the show. Light spoilers below the break, so be warned.

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I fucking hate my phone.

I have had the worst god damn luck with smart phones.

I resisted them for a long time. I still don’t like them, but I accept that they’re a part of society. I don’t like how everyone’s basically attached at the hip with them,  checking them mid conversation as if their twitter feed is more important that what’s going on or whatever it is people are checking at the time. I hate it and I’m throwing myself under the bus here as well, because I do these things too. I constantly check my phone, refreshing my twitter feed or whatever it is I’m reading at the time.

Okay, I might not actually hate how prevalent they are, but as of the time of this writing, I’m in hour 4 of trying to get Google Play Services to update on my phone so I can use the Gmail app or use Youtube and I’m in a shit mood because I don’t understand why updating that app has to be so fucking stressful.

The alignment of this image and the text next to it bothers me, but it also goes along with Junpei’s thought bubble, so I’m keeping it.

I’m not an idiot… most of the time. Occasionally I slip up and do something incredibly stupid, and that was what brought me to accidentally uninstalling Google Play Services from my phone. In my defense, my phone was utterly full in terms of Internal Storage. I have 2gb of internal storage and a 16gb SD card on deck, but somehow I keep hemorrhaging space on the Internal side of things. So in an effort to keep my phone working, I took to uninstalling apps, and Google Play Services (I’m just going to start typing GPS for short from here on out) was sitting at a whopping 98mb. I never opened the app as far as I knew, and like the other google apps my phone came with that I never used, like news stand or play book, I figured axing it wouldn’t be a problem.

Well, it was a problem and now I’m unable to access a few apps on my phone that needed it to run for whatever reason. What’s pissing me off is that I’m getting an “insufficient storage available” message when I try to update GPS and I know god damn well that I’m rocking more than enough space to put that update on there 5 times over. I hated my old Windows phone with a passion, but it never lied to me like this. It never pretended it had the functionality I was looking for, it just didn’t work well enough and I made peace with it.


mfw half the advice tells me to do shit I can’t actually do on my phone due to some kind of version difference or whatever.

Thankfully, I can just search online for super helpful information, like how to clear the cache and uninstalling Google Play Store/rolling it back to it’s previous update. None of that worked, of course, because I guess Android phones vary enough from manufacturer to manufacturer that it’s not feasible to expect one solution to work on every device out there.

Still, it makes me wonder why there’s not a baseline of quality that Google enforces in their brand. Say what you will about iPhone and other mac products, but you have to admit that they at least function 99% of the time. I know there are issues that arise with ios and all that, and I’m not even trying to sell people on iPhones or whatever, I’m just saying that they work, and as the sole manufacturer of their phones, they have a level of quality across the board that android phones simply don’t have.

Regardless, I’m still stuck with this shitter of a phone for now, and I can’t seem to get it to work the way I want it to. My last two options are to root my phone (which, as far as I know, voids my warrenty) and do whatever it is I can do with that to fix my phone, or I can factory reset the son of a bitch and hope for the best. Thanks for listening to the ramblings of an angry Poverty Phone user. Next time I’ll talk about the Summer Season of Anime and what I thought of it (Spoilers: Go watch Gakkou Gurashi now!).